Bambi Sommers


Black Cat Graphics is proud to refer Bambi Sommers for the following writer services:

  • Book Editing

  • Blog Editing

For more information on her services, pricing, and charity anthology, check out the link below:


"To the legend that is Bambi Sommers, I don't really think Thank You comes close. You are not only a first-rate editor, (Look! I got the hyphen in the right place!), catching all my tiny dyslexic-isms, made-up words and run-on sentences. You are also a wonderful, kind person. I am so very glad to have become your friend. I appreciate your moral support through my Imposter Syndrome wobbles, your straightforward but gentle style of correction, and your guidance through the process of Indie Publishing. Truly, I'd still be quaking in a corner of Twitter if it weren't for you. I look forward to a long and happy working friendship with you."  -   Libby Gastrell

"My search for an editor is over. Bambi has edited all three of my novels and I will continue to have her edit any future ones. Her attention to detail is amazing. She is open to any explanation as to why you’ve worded it that way. As an editor, she does not try to change my words to try to fit her needs. She understands they are written for a reason. During her process, I have learned so much about being an author, dare I say she has made me a better author? I dare. I feel working with her has, in fact, made me a better writer than when I began. I truly look forward to submitting my next piece with her, as well as those that follow. My search for an editor is over and yours should be too, now that you have found Bambi.”  — Ken Biltz

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