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With a proven track record of publishing novel length works on Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing, Black Cat Graphic Design (BCGD) can help you get your work finished for the world. BCGD produces fast turnaround and high levels of accuracy, giving you piece of mind as you launch your new/latest work to your readers.


Paperback Only:

.0020 cents per word
*Minimum $30.00 charge.

Ebook Only:

.0020 cents per word
*Minimum $30.00 charge.
*Additional $10.00 charge for Table of Contents formatting.

Paperback/Ebook Combo:

.0020 cents per word
*Additional $30.00 flat rate for Ebook, and $10.00 for Table of Contents formatting.

Manuscripts must be submitted in MSWord format.

*30% deposit required to begin project.
Rates include 2 rounds of corrections.
Work is considered complete upon final payment.
Additional fees apply for assistance with uploading manuscript to KDP.


Screenshot 2022-03-23 222912.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 223408.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 222354.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 222307.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 221846.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 223204.jpg
Screenshot 2022-03-23 222638.jpg
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