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"Rebecca is amazing at creating professional books, websites and graphics. With only minor input from me, she has created graphics featuring my book that look spectacular and I'm sure have helped increase sales. She also works quickly and her services are affordable. You won't regret using her services to help with all of your book needs."
- Dawn Hosmer
"Rebecca provided me with some beautiful graphics for my book right after I had updated my covers. She managed to make me three professional ads to showcase availability of my book in eBook on tablet and phone, as well as the paperback without me needing to order another copy of the paperback. They all look awesome and I'll be sure to use her design services again in the future!"
- Joel Spriggs
"If you want your book to shine, reach out to Rebecca immediately. She creates professional, stunning marketing materials for social media, websites, and physical media alike. The sooner you reach out to her, the sooner your work will begin to stand above the rest. Get on her calendar now!"
- D C. Wright-Hammer
"Rebecca is amazing she has made my website look spectacular. With just a little input from me she has effortlessly tailored the sight to reflect my character and the nature of my novels. She provides excellent advice, is eager to please and extremely affordable. She has made this daunting task into an easy experience and took the stress away. She is a wonderful teacher and she leaves you with all the tools you need. She is phenomenal no matter your needs and will deliver."
- Jennifer Pierce-Gaeta
"Rebecca’s work is a cut above the rest. Her graphics, formatting, and editing services are stellar and her prices are extremely reasonable. She’s easy to work with and eager to please. If you’re looking for a little (or a lot) of help with your manuscript then look no further." 
Danielle Van Alst
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